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Name:Geoffrey of Monmouth
Birthdate:Jun 30
Location:Camelot, Albion, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Born some 67 years ago, Geoffrey grew up in the small village of Monmouth just within Camelot's borders.

When Geoffrey was 18 he journeyed to the great capital, Camelot where he hoped to continue his studies, but some how still caught the attention of the King of Camelot, Aurelius.

The King put him in charge of educating the son of his youngest brother, Uther.

And so Geoffrey's life and the life of the royal family of Camelot became entwined.

(Young Geoffrey is played by Sam Clafin.

Journal layout by [info]das_porno_uke on [info]mintyapple available here with an alternate background image.)

With thanks to [community profile] starlit for the tutorial on journal layouts.
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