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*NaNo Project* Part the Third - Section the Eighth - The Search - 953AD  
I did not bring the letter to Mother and Father’s attention right away because by the time I re-emerged from my room he was all ready speaking about what he had seen on his trip. I didn’t particularly mind not been able to speak right away, it gave me time to think, beyond that, Bishop Grigor had quite a tale to tell! It seemed hard to believe that Brittany was just a short trip across the Narrow Sea, it sounded more like the other side of the world.

“Although, if it were so far I’d never take a journey to it. A few days a-ship was almost enough to do me in.” Bishop Grigor shook his head. “I will never get used to the feeling of the floor moving beneath my feet, I can’t abide it.”

He continued on to tell us about the Bretons and their tendenancy for flowery language and how he thought he might be there for much longer than a month.

“But eventually I effected an escape and so am here before you now able to tell my tale.”

He continued on to tell us about the sights of Brittany and the difference between it and Albion, which seemed to be many! Their grass felt different under one’s feet, the roads over there were all paved and there were far more towns and cities and Christianity was well established.

I wondered if one day I might travel there or perhaps to other lands as well, but I was not from a rich family so I sincerely doubted it. But then there were books, many, many books to read on the subject so I guess I would have to turn to them and just imagine I was there to see it all.

When Bishop Grigor had finished his story he turned to me. “And did the letter I brought you bear good news?”

I was glad that I had told Mother and Father my plans otherwise they would have been very confused at that moment, as it was though, I was glad Bishop Grigor had brought it up and it gave me the opportunity I needed to excuse myself to get the letter and bring it back for Father to read. Over the years he had got somewhat better at reading and he finished it in about two minutes before turning to Mother in order to explain what it said.

To my relief, he took the letter in rather good humour.

“It seems the capital of Camelot is a wonder to behold, there is a cantankerous archivist, who apparently in charge of the greatest archive in Albion and there are not many Christians.”

Mother turned to me. “And you wish to go there? It’s very far, Geoffrey and what if you can’t stand this archivist?”

“I’m sure he’s not all that bad, Mother,” I was quite confident, “and as Father said, it’s apparently the greatest archive in the world, if it’s half as fine as that, it would be well worth it I think.”

Mother sighed and gave Father a worried look before turning to speak to me again. “And when do you plan to leave for Camelot?”

I considered her question, my eighteenth birthday was in late July, only two months away now, beyond that, the weather tended to turn around that time, it was far better that one not be on the road if that might happen…on the other hand I’m sure Mother wouldn’t want me to leave so soon.

I chose my words carefully. “Before winter, of course, but I have to make sure all is in order. I should write to the Archivist Cedas introducing myself, even if I don’t get a response he should get it before I arrive at least.”

“You don’t plan on going by yourself do you?” Mother asked. “The furthest you’ve ever travelled by yourself is to Abertawe and that hardly compares to what a trip to Camelot would be.”

It was actually a very good question, I hadn’t even thought of that! Did I really want to travel all that way by myself? On the other hand, I didn’t think that Father and Mother would be able to spare the time to accompany me. The journey would take a week or more.

“If I might make a suggestion,” Bishop Grigor spoke, “it has yet to be announced but I know that there is to be a Bishop’s Conference in the capital around that time, so you two will be able to accompany Geoffrey part of the way.”

Father turned to Mother. “Well, there you are Blodeuyn I think the Lord may be trying to tell us something.”

Mother still looked worried. “The capital is less than a third of the way to the city of Camelot, what about the rest of the way?”

“There’s usually patrols who cover the road between the capital and the south-east border, Geoffrey will be able to go with them I should think.”

That sounded better than going alone, provided the Prince wasn’t in one of those patrols.

Mother sighed once more. “It seems it’s all decided now,” she reached across the table to grab my hand. “I will miss you, Geoffrey, so much.”

“I’m not leave for two months, Mother,” I protested, but I felt a lump in my own throat, but crying in front of Bishop Grigor would have just made the situation worse as far as I was concerned.

There would be time enough later for tears and regrets.
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