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*NaNo Project* Part the Third - Section the Fourth - The Search - 951AD  
I had hoped that I would be able to avoid the Prince for the rest of the royals stay at Monmouth. I didn’t think they would even be here that long, surely the King had important matters to attend to.

However, I hadn’t reckoned with the fact that as bishop, my father really was an important man and thus not even a day after my run-in with the Prince, Father was announcing to Mother and I that Lord Folant had invited us to his mansion that very evening for dinner with other important members of the area and the King and Prince.

“Dinner with the King himself?” Mother gasped. “And tonight? I’m not ready! We’re not ready, we don’t have the appropriate clothing, Kathy is still working on it!”

Father held up a hand. “Now, now my dear, stay calm, I’ve all ready sent a message to the seamstress, she will make do some temporary stitching and make sure everything’s ready, it’ll be fine.”

Mother was not entirely convinced, but not being able to do anything about our clothing she turned to other matters, ordering Father and I to bathe before that evening and ensure that we were properly groomed. She was clearly very excited to have this opportunity and Father was happy that she was happy. I however, was wracked with nerves the last thing I wanted was having to see the Prince tonight. I wondered if perhaps there was a way to get out of this, but aside from outright lying – which I had absolutely no skill at – I couldn’t. All I could hope for was that there would be a lot of people at this event and I would be able to hide in amongst the crowd.

That however turned out to be too much to hope for.

Not only was the dinner a small event, but Father was given a place of honour as the bishop, and he along with his wife and son were afforded a place at the head table.

The head table not ten feet from where His Highness, Prince Caerleon was sitting with the King!

For the first time in my life, I truly considered telling a bald face lie, claiming that I was ill and begging off, but to do such a thing would only draw attention to myself and properly embarrass my father and mother to top it off!

All I could do was hope that the food would be good enough to prevent the Prince from even noticing that I was there, if nothing else, I was at least very good at blending in.

For a while it seemed that was how it would pan out, it helped that Lord Folant had arranged for some entertainment, a magician, who kept our attention with disappearing, conjuring and even levitation tricks! It was hard to concentrate on anyone else at the table with such amazing sights to behold.

Sadly, the magician’s tricks came to an end about the time desert was served and conversation followed. Or at least amongst the older of the table, I might have sunk a little in my chair and attempted to make myself all but disappear – although I was nowhere near as talented as the magician.

However it almost worked! It did help, I suppose that the Prince seemed distracted himself, or perhaps bored would be a better description. In fact he seemed to want to be somewhere else, so at least I wasn’t the only one.

Unfortunately, the King noticed his son’s distraction and towards the end of the evening turned and actually nudged the Prince.

“Are you with us, Caerleon?”

The Prince turned quickly in his father’s direction and in doing so his sleeve caught on his goblet, knocking it over and spilling wine across the table and into his lap!

There was quite commotion as the Prince leapt to his feet, knocking over his chair and spluttering as a red stain spread across the front of his trousers.

It was actually amusing and there I made a rather stupid misstep, I almost laughed, I managed not to of course, but as the Prince grabbed part of the table cloth to wipe at the wine before the stain set, I came into the Prince’s line of sight and the look that came over his face clearly indicated that he had seen my amusement.

And it was quite clear by the look upon his face that I would not be forgiven for it any time soon.

If I was anxious before, now I was absolutely terrified.
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