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*NaNo Project* Part the Tenth - Section the Fourth - The Novice - 960AD  
A few weeks after my return from Cornwall, some visitors arrived in Camelot, important visitors if the preparations that were festooned about the castle courtyard were any indication.

As well as the floral tributes the knights of Camelot were out in full force, their long scarlet capes blowing in the gentle breeze that so often marked the coming of autumn in this part of the country.

The royal family appeared on the great steps surrounded by the knights and as I returned from the servant baths after my daily ordeal I paused to see what was going on.

A very small party entered through the castle gates, their horses doing that fancy stride that well-bred horses were taught to do. It was quite an impressive sight.

Leading the group was a distinguished man, tall in statue with blond hair that was streaked with a small amount of gray. I didn't have the faintest idea who he was, which was rather odd because usually gossip about incoming visitors was rife.

Of course, when I wasn’t getting rotten food thrown at me, I was in the library sorting those scrolls, so I hadn’t really heard as much as I had previously been so it was possible I’d simply missed it.

Riding on either side of the man and just a little behind, was a woman and a young man, a boy really. The woman had long brown hair which was a sharp contrast to what I assumed was her husband and her son.

Behind them was a small covered cart lead by a horse which was ridden by a knight dressed in gleaming armour with a cape of light blue.

Despite the small size of the group they still made an impressive group and as they came to a stop in front of the great steps, the knights saluted them.

Then the King spoke.

“The King of Camelot and his family welcomes King Hoel DuBois of Leon in Brittany.”

Brittany? That caught my attention, my father had written about the warm welcome and enjoyable time they had had there and the natural beauty was truly something to be seen.

The man, King Hoel dismounted his horse and came forward, holding out his hands to clasp King Aurelius’s upper arms in the traditional greetings of kings.

“Well met, Aurelius, well met,” King Hoel spoke in a rich voice that had a rather rolling accent to it. He then turned and greeted the Royal Princes and the Crown Prince before bowing low to the Queen and Princess Rhowen.

“You have met my wife Queen Blasine the last time we were in your kingdom,” King Hoel turned to the King, “but we have had additions to the family since then.”

“So I see,” King Aurelius remarked looking to the boy who had dismounted from his horse and coming forward.

“This is Tristan, my eldest son and heir.” King Hoel gestured for the boy to come up the steps and greet the royal family properly, which he did, bowing gracefully.

Prince Trisitan despite his youth was quite an arresting figure, he was almost as tall as his father and had a voice almost as deep. While he was introducing himself to the Pendragons, two more children emerged, almost unnoticed from the covered cart, assisted by the guard who had dismounted his horse.

“And this is our only daughter the Princess Ygraine,” King Hoel’s voice all but vibrated with the pride and joy he felt for his daughter and it was not hard to see why. The girl, who must have been about ten years old had the same blonde hair as her father and brother and the sunniest disposition I had ever seen. She dipped into a graceful curtsey and I think I actually saw the Royal Princes smile, an almost miraculous occurance.

Princess Ygraine went to stand beside her father, Queen Blasine had picked up the small boy, barely a toddler who was the only one of the children with brown hair. “And our youngest, Prince Agravaine.”

Agravaine recieved a more cursory greeting, although Queen Thanea did make some show of looking maternal towards the youngester, Princess Rhowen didn’t even bother.

“A fine family you have,” King Aurelius smiled benevolently upon them. “You’ve done well for yourself, Hoel.”

King Hoel inclined his head in thanks and then King Aurelius invited him and his family to enter the castle and make themselves at home. As they disappeared through the grand doors, I continued on my way, the library and my work called, after all.
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Are you still writing this? I reeaalllyy like it, it's so interesting! Yeah..I made an account just to comment on this. :)
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Yes I am! In fact I'm planning on working on the tale again for NaNo this year.

I have written more on it since this part actually, I should investigate to see if's worthy of posting.

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you're enjoying the tale :O)