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*NaNo Project* Part the Seventh - Section the Second - The Scribe - 954 - 955AD  
I would be overstepping my bounds if I were to suggest I got to know Prince Uther well, despite the fact I tutored him for a number of hours most weeks of the year. The Prince though was not the sort of person on really got to know and I don't believe it was wholly due to out differences in rank, I noticed for instance that the Prince did not keep the company of any of his contemporaries, despite the fact they undoubtedly spent a lot of time in each other's company and were all pages. I often wondered why that was, but then I had not had many friends myself when I was a boy, on the other hand an interest in books is not really common among young boys whereas an interest in being a knight most certainly was.

Ever since noticing the bruise on Prince Uther's face I had began to see more evidence of such harsh acts towards the boy, he often arrived for lessons with red rimmed eyes as if he had been crying, but there were not always bruises to show for it. True to Cedas's advice I never brought it up and instead concentrated on getting the Prince interested in learning. This was an uphill battle on an unprecedented level as far as I was concerned, although I have to admit one of the best ways of learning something is to do it yourself. That being the case I soon found myself to be an expert on the history of Camelot as well as the various order disputes with the other seven kingdoms.

Prince Uther was not the sort of person amiable to treaties and cease fires, however. He seemed to be of the opinion that whenever possible force should be favoured over words. My attempts to teach him the benefits of diplomacy seemed to fall on deaf ears.

I did however have his full attention when it came to recounting the battles of the past, in fact hat's how he came to read, write and do arithmetic, all of which, admittedly one would need to lead a company of knights into battle. But really, I think something should be said about learning for learning's sake.

When time permitted I continued my studies with Cedas, who was cantankerous as ever, but no-one would ever deny he knew just about everything there was to know about archiving. During one lesson on the various methods of cataloguing we were both surprised when one of the royal brothers came into our midst. I believed it was Prince Caius, truth be told I couldn't really tell the middle two princes apart. Of course, he wouldn't have had the foggiest idea of what my name was, so I felt we were even on that score.

Cedas and I hurriedly got to our feet and bowed, although personally I didn't rate this prince much, etiquette needed to be respected. The Prince barely looked our way instead he curtly demanded information on the Duchy of Cornwall.

"Cornwall, Your Highness?" Cedas repeated, somewhat timidly. "What specifically did you wish to know, sire?"

It was a necessary question, we did after all have an enormous amount of information on Cornwall, it would take weeks to go through it all.

Prince Caius didn't appreciate this fact in the least, in fact he looked very affronted as if we had dealt him a severe insult.

"I have no time to answer the questions of servants," he said, coldly. "Just get me information. The Duke and his entourage are coming for a council, I won't be thought of as ignorant." He leveled us with a stare that plainly said if he was he would hold Cedas and probably me, if he remembered my face, responsible.

And with that rather broad order he swept out of the library, not even bothering to say when he expected the information, some people simply had no idea how a researcher did his work.

Cedas was annoyed as I at this less than clear request, he had an advantage however, he was able to palm the work off to me. I supposed I should have been honoured as it represented my first foray into the work of an archivist and all the necessary work needed for such.

All the same, I heartily wished it could have been something not to do with the royal family...
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